Why Us

Why Us

Are you getting confused of choosing a right instant coffee supplier for your coffee project? Let give us a try. We supply most common types of instant coffee of different quality sourcing direct from local farms.

Instant coffees – the cutting-edge advantage of Vietnam.

First, Vietnam is well-known with its green coffee production. Of course, it is obvious that the country is the world’s second largest coffee producer. However, exporting green coffee beans does not bring much of profit to the country in the long run. The most competitive advantage and so does most potential future trend is manufacturing cheap instant coffees. Here are the reasons:

  • Robusta is the main ingredients to make instant coffees. Vietnam harvests around 1.5 million tons of robusta coffees a year and, of course, the prices are always very competitive.
  • The country has mainly exported green coffees so far. Thus, the production and export of instant coffees are still very potential.
  • Instant coffees or soluble coffees made in Vietnam are good in quality and competitive in prices and tremendous in quantity.
instant coffee freeze-dried

A freeze-dried instant coffee supplied by InstantCoffeeCo.

As a wholesale instant coffee supplier, we offer a very wide range of instant coffees from spray-dried instant coffees to agglomerated instant coffees, freeze-dried instant coffees and 3 in 1 instant coffee mixes.

Low-cost instant coffees.

As a report of World Bank says cheap instant coffees and specialty coffees are two main competitive advantages of Vietnamese coffee. As the world’s #2 coffee producer, Vietnam has an abundant source of robusta green coffees to make instant coffees and its competitive labor cost enables low cost of manufacturing.

All-in-one instant coffee supplier @ wholesale prices.

  • Coffee focused. We focus on agro-related products and commodities only. Additionally, instantcoffee.co focuses on delivering good soluble coffees made in Vietnam to customers across the globe.
  • A wide range of instant coffee products offered. Instantcoffee.co offers most common types of instant coffees from spray-dried instant coffees to agglomerated instant coffees and freeze-dried instant coffees.

Private-label coffees accepted. As a wholesale soluble coffee supplier, instantcoffee.co made private label coffees easier by offering all-in-one private label coffees to its respected customers worldwide.

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