Instant coffee and how is it made?

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Instant coffee and how is it made?

What is instant coffee?

Instant coffee is one of main forms of coffee products including green coffee beans, roasted coffee whole-beans, ground coffee, brewed coffees (as of canned coffee drinks) and coffee liquid. This coffee also has the other names such as soluble coffee or extract coffee powder. Instant coffee nowadays is becoming more and more popular thanks to its convenience and instant serving.

So, what is instant coffee? Soluble coffee is a kind of coffee products which can be easily dissolved in water within seconds and served as instant drinks. The reason why soluble coffee can be absorbed into water quickly is only soluble or instant substances within a coffee bean will be captured and extracted during the process of making instant coffee. Other unabsorbent and residues will be removed.

In Vietnam, many coffee drinkers will probably misunderstand that instant coffee is familiar to 3 in 1 instant coffee which is made from instant coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer as soluble coffee is not much popular in Vietnam as a single product portfolio. Therefore, in daily business transactions, coffee suppliers like us – sometimes use other terms for instant coffee such as pure instant coffee or 1 in 1 instant coffee to make it clearer and to avoid miscommunication.

instant coffee

A sample of freeze-dried instant coffee packed in glass jar of InstantCoffeeCo.

How is instant coffee made?

Simply saying, instant coffee is, of course, a kind of coffee and was invented from the demand of busy drinkers for quick-prepared coffees. However, to produce instant coffee is not quick at all. Here are the processes:

  • Step 1: green coffee beans preparation. Green beans can be 100% robusta, 100% arabica or mixed between robusta and arabica. As an at-source-coffee supplier, our sourcing site sources best selected green coffee beans directly from local farms to make instant coffees. Green coffee will be cleaned and removed foreign matters at this stage.
  • Step 2: roasting green coffee beans. The beans will be roasted at different roasting degrees upon customer’s requirement.
  • Step 3: grinding. Roasted coffee whole beans will be ground into very fine particles to be easily dissolved.
  • Step 4: extracting. Treated water will be pumped into ground coffee powder to completely dissolve the powder and extract soluble substances.
  • Step 5: filtering. Brewed coffees will be filtered again and again to remove non-dissolvable substances and coffee residues.
  • Step 6: getting condensed. Filtered coffee liquid will be more condensed by getting water out.
  • Step 7: drying. Coffee liquid will be dried down to lowest moisture possible at around 1% to 2%. There are three main drying methods which lead to different forms of finished instant coffees including spray-drying (to form spray-dried instant coffee), agglomeration (agglomerated instant coffee or coffee granules) and freeze-drying (for freeze-dried instant coffee).
  • Step 8: packing. Packing options for instant coffee can be in bulk (10kg or 20kg per big bags/ cartons) and in retail packs starting from 2gram per sachet or stick.

How many types of instant coffee are there?

Commercial instant coffee products today are classified by two ways. One is with coffee blending. The other is with drying method.

With coffee blending, we have instant coffee made from (1) 100% robusta green coffee beans; (2) 100% arabica green coffee beans and (3) blending between arabica and robusta at different ratios.

With drying method, we have (1) traditional spray-dried coffee with powder forms, (2) agglomerated coffee with a form of granules and (3) freeze-dried coffee which is dried in frozen temperature with broken ice-shaped particles.

How will instant coffee be consumed?

  • Serving as a favorite coffee recipe thanks to quick brewing, being ready to drink and convenient. Consumption of instant coffee is increasing very fast especially in emerging markets.
  • Being blended as a base ingredient for instant coffee mixes (2in1, 3in1 or 4in1, etc.). For example, 3 in 1 instant coffee mixes are made from pure instant coffee, sugar cane and non-dairy creamer.
  • Being blended as a base for foodstuffs and other drink recipes starting from coffee-flavored candies or cakes to canned coffee drinks and bottled coffee drinks. All can work with instant coffee.

How to buy instant coffee from us?

InstantCoffeeCo can supply most common types of instant coffee.  Specially, we have strong advantages on serving 100% Robusta blended instant coffees which possess robust and strong taste, bold aroma with high caffeine content and are loved by Vietnamese coffee drinkers.

Our packing options available for instant coffee products can be in bulk (10Kg or 25Kg per big bags/ cartons) with polyethylene liner.

InstantCoffeeCo supplies instant coffees from Vietnam. With years of experience in coffee helps us to offer best instant coffee products to customers worldwide.

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