InstantCoffeeCo-Vietnam’s best instant coffee.

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InstantCoffeeCo-Vietnam’s best instant coffee.

What is potential for best instant coffee production in Vietnam?

It is obvious that Vietnam is one of big players on world’s coffee commodities markets. With a large – planting area of coffees nationwide, the country has already contributed a lot of green coffees to the world markets and keeps its markets with a sustainable price. However, as you may know around 90% or even above of coffee exports of Vietnam are green coffee beans only. This means there would be a very potential opportunity for processed coffees made in Vietnam including roasted coffee beans, ground coffees and instant coffees. Among those, best instant coffees are having most competitive advantages including large production capacities potential, always-cheap-price benefits, low manufacturing cost with modernized technology and zero tax.

Vietnam can produce best instant coffee at a very large volume.

As a wholesale coffee supplier and; of course, best instant coffee supplier, InstantCoffeeCo offers 5 basic types of instant coffees. Delivering our great efforts to search for opportunities in coffee industry, we are perceived that the potential for Vietnamese instant coffees is so huge that some reports of WB (World Bank) say instant coffees and specialty coffees are future of Vietnamese coffee industry. Exported instant coffees of the nation are very modest which are not deserved to its potential as a world’s key player of coffees. Putting the passion ahead, we do believe that Vietnamese instant coffee manufacturing capacities will accelerate in a very near future. More than 1.5 million of green coffees exported every year are a very ideal source for manufacturing instant coffees.

best instant coffee

Our best instant coffee looks very premium.

Vietnamese best instant coffee to win world’s market share by cheap pricing.

Instant coffees made in Vietnam will remain a low cost because most of them are made from robusta coffee beans which have a very competitive price as compared to arabica coffee beans. One of the main reasons which inflate coffee prices in the world’s market is that global coffee industry has too many brokerage activities in every process of coffee supply to the consumers. InstantCoffeeCo sources its green coffee inputs right here in the coffee farming areas with the lowest prices and start manufacturing with low-production cost to deliver low-priced instant coffees. No brokerage, InstantCoffeeCo delivers best instant coffee directly to foreign buyers who mix our coffees with other ingredients or repack them in different packaging such as sachets or jars and put them on track for sale.

High tech production facilities maintain low manufacturing cost.

Furthermore, Vietnamese local instant coffee manufacturers nowadays are encouraged to purchase modernized technologies or machines for processing instant coffees to make good quality and low price instant coffees for export markets. Adding the value for Vietnamese soluble coffees to the global coffee value chain, we focus on transforming best instant coffee at a wholesale price thanks to the fact that the nation encourages local coffee suppliers to export good quality coffees with a zero tax on exports. Not only that, large production capacity with cutting – edge technologies, the rich in green coffee supply, low manufacturing cost and competitive workforces help us always be the wholesale coffee supplier in the industry.

Robusta first.

Our instant coffees are 100% pure and premium Robusta based best instant coffee. Those robusta coffees are made from different kinds of robusta coffee beans which vary in size, origins and maturity of beans. All are 100% robusta – based which differs in caffeine contents and flavor and tastes. All of those instant coffees are spray – dried instant coffees which are most commonly used for producing best instant coffee mix (2 in 1 or 3 in 1) and meet both local and global quality standards.

Our robusta instant coffees are able to cover most market segmentations from the low end to post-intermediate. Our instant coffees are best used for (i) canned soft drinks with natural coffee flavors, (ii) confectioneries of natural coffee flavors, (iii) labeled instant coffees packed in jars or sachets and (iv) main ingredients for instant coffee mix of 2 in 1 or 3 in 1.

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