What is freeze-dried coffee?

Freeze-dried instant coffee is currently a new trend of coffee world. Basically, freeze-dried coffee has a higher aroma retain as compared to spray-dried coffee and agglomerated coffee. Thus, its coffee aroma is very premium and is positioned as high quality instant coffee. Freeze-dried coffee of InstantCoffeeCo is dried and taken back aroma at as-low-as-frozen temperature which helps to maintain coffee aroma as fresh as freshly roasted coffee beans.

How should we pack freeze-dried coffee?

A glass jar will suit your freeze-dried coffee in a way of perfection. A plastic jar is also a good choice. However, glass jars are much more better because freeze-dried coffee is premium instant coffee in which a glass jar will perfectly keep its coffee aroma during a long time. Glass jar is very neutralized, tight and firm which will keep freeze-dried coffee inside in a right way. A tin can work well with this kind of coffee. Although a tin is not as transparent as a glass jar, it is more durable and safer during delivery. Like agglomerated coffee, freeze-dried coffee is able to pack in retail packs such as stand-up pouches with zipper, small sachets or sticks of 2 gram as a rising demand for quick serving single serve espresso coffee.

freeze-dried coffee in comparison

Freeze-dried coffee and spray-dried coffee and agglomerated coffee in comparison.

Freeze-dried coffee portfolio.

Freeze-dried coffee FD1.

  • Ingredients/ Blending: 100% Robusta.
  • Caffeine content: 2.5%.
  • Usage: instant drink or blending for 3 in 1 coffee mixes.
  • Characteristics (cup taste): typical coffee flavor.

Packing details.

  • Bulk packaging: big bags of 10Kg or cartons of 25Kg with polyethylene liner, export standard.
  • Container loading: 600 bags of 10Kg or 240 cartons of 25Kg to fill up one container 20ft.
  • Storage: Kept in cool and dry place with room temperature, keep it close, tight and away from direct sunlight.
  • Shelf life: 18 months since the date of manufacturing under storage conditions.

Storage conditions.

  • Storage: Kept in cool and dry place with room temperature, keep it close, tight and away from direct sunlight.
  • Freeze-dried coffee is easy to be broken, remember to handle with care.
instant coffee freeze-dried

A freeze-dried instant coffee supplied by InstantCoffeeCo.

For specifications of physical, chemical and biological parameters: please email us for details.